Favourite gaming websites

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Vyse Hazuky
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Favourite gaming websites

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I think there are very few good (or even acceptable) gaming websites. Sometimes, particularly in bigger ones, there's an odd imitation of journalism going on, with hundreds of articles just hyping things and pointless top 10s or even questionable humour and scoring systems.
Others however are completely bland with nothing original about them.

Thus, I think the best are probably the specialized ones although they're more amateurish and suffer from other problems like a lack of regular updates.

NTSC-UK (imports), System 16 (arcades), Adventure Classic Gaming (PC adventure), SEGA-16 (Genesis, 32X, SEGACD), Hardcore Gaming 101 (Retro/Cult) are all interesting independent sites.

News sites like Kotaku and Joystiq are sometimes unbearable with questionable remarks and a lot of useless info.
EDGE magazine is for me, the best right now on that matter, and it even has a Goichi Suda column!

For the big ones 1Up, Gamespot and IGN are acceptable but they suffer too much from the problems I've said above.

I wanted to make a game site myself, with retro and cult games, but with a strong visual style and more of a historical and artistic approach. A lack of time, skills and cooperation seem to be hindering me. Volunteers?

P.S.: here's links to some of the sites I've mentioned:





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Re: Favourite gaming websites

Post by Matt »

My favourite gaming website is http://www.metro.co.uk/gamecentral

Used to be a gaming service on the teletext on channel 4. But teletext shut down, and so it got taken on by Metro paper/website.

have been readin it for years. At least 5 years now, probably a lot longer. Since it was on teletext.

Its supurb. Honest guys. Giving VERY honest reviews. Plus they have got me into some fantastic hidden gems I would have never found else. I couldnt praise them enough. Best gaming website for me.

Also, a fantastic community.
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Re: Favourite gaming websites

Post by JerryDen »

I love musicgameslist.com This is the best site. All the games of this site are awesome.
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