Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in Uncharted Fan film

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Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in Uncharted Fan film

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Uncharted live action fan film:

It's not the usual fan film, I think they are trying to do a "Deadpool", which is going a different route to get to make Uncharted. You may or may not have heard of all the talk about making an Uncharted movie that has been going on for years now. Lots of people have been wanting Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and they are finally getting what they want in this fan film. I do wonder though why they are so keen on having lots of action in a short fan film such as this. Although I suppose it's a combination of fan service and making something that can be seen as a stand alone short.

There is lots to say about this fan film as far as how good it is in this exact shape. I wouldn't consider it a finished product, more like presenting a concept maybe? And from that perspective, I really like the humor in it. An Uncharted movie without that, wouldn't that be just another action movie?

Are you interested in an Uncharted movie? At this point, I'd rather they made it into a tv series.
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