Lessons learned from Shenmue?

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Lessons learned from Shenmue?

Postby Agent Of Fortune on Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:21 pm

I was just wondering what lessons, if any, people picked up from Shenmue? It's such a game with substance, I am imagining that some of us came out with an inspiration, or a "code" of some sort from it?

For me, Shenmue helped fuel my interest in the Martial Arts. I have always been interested in them, but Shenmue, combined with Dragon Ball, and probably just the time in my life when I discovered them, really fueled an interest in Japan and Martial Arts.

Another lesson that I took away from Shenmue is the thing from the second game, with the street performer in the Mall, "Neither Tune Nor Fist." This is especially important as I've gotten older, and gotten more responsibilities. No matter what, I still do little martial arts things as I walk through my house and do day to day activities.
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Re: Lessons learned from Shenmue?

Postby darkly on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:29 pm

I think Shenmue was the thing that really sparked my interest for China and Japan. Which eventually lead to me studying the Chinese language.
It was also the game that awoken the completionist in me. I kept finding new things in the games so eventually I bought the prima guide because I wanted to find and do everything in the game. I think there might still be things that I never did in the games...

Luckily I have the completionist in me well under control today.
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