Shenmue 2010 Remake

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Shenmue 2010 Remake

Post by Jeff »

I have been thinking alot of Shenmue lately and I got to thinking of what could be if Sega started fresh with the series and remade Shenmue after 10 years from the first release. Today with technology it can create a far better experience with far more interaction, licensed music cassette tapes, more realistic voice acting, more realistic graphics, bigger environments. The possibilities are endless. This could create a new buzz from not only fans of the original fans of the game, but new gamers who mostly know only shovelware games, a game like that would blow their minds. Of course this time better cost management and marketing would be necessary, as well as being available on more than one system. I think this may be the path to Shenmue III at this length of time. What do you think?

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Re: Shenmue 2010 Remake

Post by Kyodai »

Good idea ctually - but if you consider the money it takes to make such a game from scratch i don't see SEGA making it anytime soon. They didn't even remotely get back their investment from the first and second part - so the only halfway financial serious solution would be to recycle what's already done. So unless you find some rich sheik sponsoring the first few millions it is quite unlikely i fear. We know it would be kick-ass but you couldn't convince any potential investor i fear.
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Re: Shenmue 2010 Remake

Post by Vyse Hazuky »

I don't think SEGA would have the ability to do it.

I wouldn't want them to just get some licensed engine and have it look like any other game out there right now.

SEGA just have no way of doing a remake of their most ambitious game. Only a Wii-make with Wii controls, but I don't think that's what you wanted anyway...

Let sleeping dogs lie, I guess.

As long as AM2 and Suzuki don't come forward and commit to the series they created, as well as SEGA of Japan, I prefer not to even hear about it. They are crucial for anything Shenmue to come together. I woudlnt' even trust other SEGA stars like Nagoshi.
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Re: Shenmue 2010 Remake

Post by Ryo Hazuki ™ »

Sega could do it, there's no doubt about it. Though they have lost a few senior members of their team, the technology as said is much more than what it was 10 years ago. Problem is, the game costed a lot to make 10 years ago, so imagine how much it would cost now in a remake to create. With demands high for "Realism", It would be a load on Sega to remake the series now.
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