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Re: Star Trek

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I wish they would have just called this "Star Trek For The Masses" or preferablly, not even star trek at all. One of the things that really makes star trek so good, is thought provoking situations and ideas that surround many of the search missions in space. Sure it'll be cool to see how star fleet was created, and how it all got put together in the begining, but its boring compared all the other insane things the various crew run into over the course of the other series. If this is just explaining how the original crew met and got together, that honestly doesnt sound that entertaining. I want to see a complex problem/struggle presented, one that will make the audience think, and a well thought out solution to that problem or struggle that not only makes the audience think, but also turns out to be something you wouldnt ever guess. That is basically what made Star Trek so magical for me all these years, and I honestly dont think it can truly be star trek without those elements.
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Re: Star Trek

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I was certainly pleasantly surprised by it. I knew they were going to abandon canon and I wasn't looking forward to it, but...
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They were extremely clever about it. In typical Star Trek fashion they used a loophole for them to create an alternate Star Trek universe. When Vulcan was destroyed I just sat there shocked for like 10 minutes.
The biggest complaints I had were that the villian was completely two dimensional and boring, but the focus of the film really wasn't on him I suppose. The other would be when...
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Spock launched Kirk onto that ice planet after his attempted mutany. I'm sorry, but that is completely not Starfleet protocol. Regardless of how emotionally distraught Spock was at the time, there's no way a real crew of Starfleet officers would support that decision. And Spock himself wouldn't support it either. So I felt that was a bit out of character for all of Star Trek. But it seems like that whole part of the movie wasn't thought out well. Why would Kirk land on the same planet as old Spock and... apparently also Scotty? It was just an all too convienent way for them to move the plot along.
Anyway, I liked the film and I wouldn't mind seeing a TV series following it. :)
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Re: Star Trek

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I only saw the movie once, but I think the idea behind sending Kirk to the ice planet was that there was a Starfleet base there and Kirk wasn't even supposed to be on the ship anyway, and Scotty was just the engineer working there. As for Spock, I have no idea why he happened to be nearby. Destiny? Huge coincidence? Or did I miss a plot point about there being some connection between that planet and the Romulans? I have no idea. It makes sense that Spock would camp near a Starfleet base, but why on that planet? Because he figured out Scotty was assigned there, and Scotty could help him? I'll need to see it again.
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