Fantasy Premier League

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Fantasy Premier League

Postby Sterling on Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:48 am

Everyone needs to sign up for this or Iden will get very upset:

Sign up or if you were playing last year, login with your old sn/password make your team (you can randomize if you're not familiar with the players) and then go to "Leagues", join a private league and enter the code.

Code: Select all

Then you'll be in the Hazuki Dojo League and probably engaged in an all out battle to the death for last place!

These were last year's final standings by the way, congratulations to Ryudo who lost:

# Team Manager Total
1 Corduin Coalers James Macswiney 1887
2 watching heat Iden (steph loves disco) 1876
3 Adz Kickers Adam Pearson 1792
4 Winterstorm Frances Au 1669
5 Total Rampage Daniel Whale 1660
6 Generichester FC Andrew Scott 1572
7 Command & Conquer Mammoth Mark II 1522
8 The Dark Defenders Julian Valentine 1507
9 The Man on the Telly Roger Mellie 1479
10 The Juanflans James Bruce 1452
11 Magnet & Steele Glen Phillips 1439
12 Sparkflying Dress FC Stephie Twynam 1436
13 Tuff F.C. Simon Tuff 1349
14 ShayGivenNotStirred Rob Harrison 1338
15 Bay Harbor Butchers Bysby Idenmustdie 1223
16 Barnstoneworth Sir Raymond Luxury Yacht 1220
17 The Light Offenders Yukio X 1203
18 IM SERIOUS jennifer shang 1110
19 -_- Ash ...... 1066
20 Iden sux on knickers Ryudo Idensniffstoejam 1062
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