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Favorite games

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:12 pm
by Old Man OL
Every forum needs a favorite games topic... so here you go.
Instead of just trying to pick out one favorite game or randomly throwing the names of a hundred games out there, though, I figure divide it up by genre or sub-genre. Want to consider "ninja game" as a sub-genre? Go ahead and mention Strider or whatever. Just try to list games that are actually your favorites, not just games you kinda like. We shouldn't see any lists of 500 random game titles (that always seems to happen).

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:55 pm
by Ryudo
Well Adventure ish games Shenmue being the obvious
Okami is another (these games I love to no end everything about them strikes me on every level of experience that no other game/series comes close)

RPG while maybe not the greatest RPG's ever they still bring the most joy to me as they broke me into the Genre
Grandia II
Skies of Arcadia

Super Mario 64
Super Mario World

Point click adventure/interactive novel
AA series

Beat em up
No More Heroes(the gameplay is nothing to be marveled at but the presentation and the humour and characters is so outrageous and brilliant I can't help but love it.)

(nope OL no Madworld...are you shocked? Yeah I love the game but not one of my fave ever games.

So yeah if this was games I loved and really liked I would be typing up a crap load of games and may more genres.
Topics like this are very hard for me as I so want to list like you said a crap load.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:24 pm
by Old Man OL
FPS: Half-Life
JRPG series: Megami Tensei series (that includes all sub-series; Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga, Persona, etc)
Western RPG series: Fallout series
Individual JRPG: Final Fantasy 7
Individual Western RPG: Fallout 2
Point/click Adventure: Grim Fandango
Beat 'em up: Yakuza 2
Strategy series: Front Mission series
Survival horror: Siren
Fighting: Bushido Blade
Stealth: Metal Gear Solid 2

I'll get into niche sub-genres later (giant robot games, ninja games, stylish action games, etc). Remember Ryudo, you can stretch your legs by going into smaller, super-specific genres.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:57 am
by Vyse Hazuky
Adventure: Shenmue series, Shadow of the Colossus, The Neverhood, Yakuza series, Ôkami, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Silent Hill 2

Strategy: Age of Empires series, Civilization

Puzzle: Tetris (I could say a specific version so maybe the GB original and Tetris DS), Columns

Action: God Hand, Metal Gear Solid series (but haven't played 4 yet), Max Payne series, Resident Evil 4

RPG: KOTOR, Mass Effect, Dragon Quest VIII, Skies of Arcadia, Lost Odyssey

Arcade: Bubble Bobble, Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Space Harrier, OutRun, Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Tennis 2

Shooter: REZ, Ikaruga

Fighting: Virtua Fighter 2, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter II, Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves

Racing: MSR, PGR2

Much more than enough here.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:37 pm
by Old Man OL
Anime-based: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (PS2)
2D platformer: Sonic 2
3D platformer: Jak 3
Ninja game: Shinobi III
Giant robot game: either Zone of the Enders 2 or Robot Alchemical Drive.
(both are vastly different from eachother, so it's hard to shoose just one)
Weapon-based action: Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
Puzzle game: Ico
Adventure (non-point/click): Shadow of the Colossus
Action RPG: Tales of the Abyss
Stylish action: Devil May Cry 3
Sandbox: Bully

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:48 pm
by Agent Of Fortune
Action Adventure: Shenmue, Silent Hill games (specifically 1,2 and 3)
Puzzle Adventure games: The Longest Journey, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
RPG: Grandia II, Tales of Symphonia and Skies of Arcadia

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:20 am
by Old Man OL
Western: Now this is a hard one. Red Dead Revolver, Sunset Riders, or Outlaws. I just can't choose.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 4:57 pm
by Tim Surway
I consider my favourite games to be those that I've completed more than once and would complete again.

KOTOR 1, not so much 2
Jade Empire
Fallout 3

Point and Click
Monkey Island series
Sam and Max Hit the Road
Day of the Tentacle

that's all I can of atm, the first two are the ones that for me sum up all that a game should be.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:53 pm
by Ryudo

Turok Turok 2 N64
Metroid Prime,Metroid Prime 3


Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:15 am
by tao
Action- Bioshock, RE4 (especially at parties haha,)
Adventure- Shenmue I and II, The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, Grim Fandango, Ace Attorney series, Oregon Trail (old old old :lol: )
Puzzle- Tetris, Portal
Interactive Novel- Hotel Dusk
RPGs- KOTOR I and II, Grandia II, Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Racing- Mario Kart
Fighting- SSB
Music- REZ

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:06 pm
by Henry Spencer
Of course my list is going to be too long, and completely different from what I've named before, it's just what I can remember at this point in time. I've also put down what version of each game I prefer, just in case there were any ports or remakes.

Action: Resident Evil 4 and Max Payne [both 1 and 2] (PC)
Adventure: Snatcher (SEGA CD) and Grim Fandango
Action Adventure: Shenmue, Ocarina of Time (N64) and MGS1 (PSX)
Best Beat 'Em Up: Guardian Heroes. There is no equal.
Hack and Slash: Either Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder (Arcade) or Berserk (PS2)
Best Retro Game (games which have held up with time, as far as my nostalgic viewpoint is concerned): Ristar (Mega Drive), Rocket Knight Adventures (Mega Drive) and Mischief Makers (N64)
Best Platformer: Super Mario 64 (N64) and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
Best RPGs: Vagrant Story and Panzer Dragoon Saga
Best Shooters: Rez (Xbox Live), Panzer Dragoon Orta, Ikaruga (PS2) and Gunstar Heroes (Mega Drive)
Best Ninjas: Shinobi III and Strider 2 (PSX)
Best Horror: REmake (GC), Resident Evil 2 (DC) and Silent Hill 2 (PS2)

Whilst we're at it, shall we put down our favourite stories, characters, music, graphics, controllers, consoles, atmosphere in games etc too? This should be like the "favourites" topic for games that we've played.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:57 am
by JoePesci
Super Mario Bros. (lost levels)
Legend Of Zelda: Link to the Past
Madden series
F.E.A.R. 2
Radiata Stories
Suikoden III
Max Payne II: The Fall Of Max Payne
NBA 2K series
Final Fantasy X
Resident Evil 4
Dead Rising

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:44 am
by Chaos
Not gonna do categories like some of you are.

Shenmue is my favorite game. (obviously)
Resident Evil (The original or REmake, take your pick) was my favorite before Shenmue came out, now I guess I consider it my second favorite game of all time.
Sonic Adventure
Sonic 1-3&K (With 1 being my favorite out of those 3.)
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy VII
The Halo series. They have really shitty communities, but I still love the series. Hell, I've read all but one of the books.
Mario 3
Super Mario World
Duke Nukem 64 (or 3D. Same game basically, but I played the hell out of it back on N64)

I could go on forever, but those are the first to come to mind when I think of my favorite games.

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:31 pm
by Matt
I ewill just list my favourite games of all time, cus its an elite list.

Shenmue 1 & 2
Metal Gear Solid
Silent Hill 1 & 2
Super Mario 64
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Fallout 3
Day of the Tentacle
Maniac Mansion
Shadow of Memories
Diddy Kong Racing

Re: Favorite games

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:34 pm
by Vyse Hazuky
Retro Masterpieces:
Another World
Prince of Persia
The Last Express
The Dark Eye
Gadget: Past as Future
Cosmology of Kyoto