Star Trek Technology vs Today

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Star Trek Technology vs Today

Postby Agent Of Fortune on Wed May 06, 2009 1:30 pm

I found this article that compares Star Trek technology to the equivalents today. It's pretty neat... if you can get over the fact that they use light years as a measure of time, which always pisses off the anal retentive nerd in me. :-D
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Re: Star Trek Technology vs Today

Postby Ryudo on Wed May 06, 2009 7:33 pm

I didn't read the article for 2 reasons,1 it's MSN and they ALWAYS makes what could be one page in 20 pages.
2 this is sure to be promoting that new crap Star 'trek' jj film.

With that said I have thought and discussed this with friends and Yukio often how when we were kids were amazed by the technology they had but today we scoff at it as we have both matched and surpassed much of the tech they had in the series.

We still lack Holodecks and replicators but while not as advanced as trek we do have transporters in college science labs but it can't transport matter but beams of light containing data.

I swear if you filmed most people today using a desktop PC or laptop iphone DS or whatever else ,even the cars we drive today then took that footage and showed it to people even as little as 15 years ago would think it's a sci fi film.

I just love it.

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