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Scottish Independence

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:34 am
by Matt
Ok I need a rant about this

This whole thing has made me furious.
The fact that we have bent over backwards for the scottish to keep them in the UK. The fact that not far off 50% of scottish people dont want to be british,
That I feel like im being ripped off by having Scotland being part of the UK.
Seriously, do the people of England not matter? If Scotland can have a referendum of them staying in the UK, then why on earth cant we have a referendum of if we want them a part of the UK? Or a refurendum for more f###### power to keep us on par with the rest of the uk? Ya know like free prescriptions etc

The whole ordeal has been a total embarrassment to England imo. Its made it seem like we desperately need Scotland more then they need us. Which is total crap imo.

On a side note Andy Murray is one guy I cannot support anymore. He shown that he doesnt want to be British. So, how any British fan can support him now is a joke.

Apologies for the aggression, but this whole referendum has been a farce for the english people imo.