Christianity, Athiesm, etc. Why the hate?

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Christianity, Athiesm, etc. Why the hate?

Postby Agent Of Fortune on Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:01 am

Something that I will never understand is the people of this world's inability to live and let live. It doesn't make any sense. I have grown up in a traditional Catholic home, and have taken many of the teachings to heart. I strongly keep faith a central part of my life, pray daily, etc. But I haven't been to Church in a very long time, and was never really a "regular" at it. Also, I'm too much of a scientist to buy into a lot of the teachings as fact, such as the ideas of Creationism. I look at them more as parables, and accept them as teachings. I have friends that are agnostics and athiests. (Old dojo-goers might remember my good friend Neal/A Little Piece of Nothing. He is an athiest) I don't even both talking with them about it. I just accept that nobody is going to fully understand me or where I'm coming from, much like I don't fully understand them.

I firmly believe that religion is a personal thing to each person, and each person's "definition" of their faith is different. That said, i don't understand why people have to be so antagonistic about everything. What is it about both sides that keeps them from shutting up about the other long enough to look inward and get a firm grasp on their own thoughts and what they believe?
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Re: Christianity, Athiesm, etc. Why the hate?

Postby Brotherman on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:45 pm

^ *agrees* Well, I was raised in a Christian family. And in my earlier days, I myself looked at life through the blinders of my religion. But now a days, I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I think the biggest problem with people on both sides is they let their beliefs make them closed minded. Allot of Christians tend to believe that atheist are immoral. Allot atheist believe that people who follow religions are stupid. I personally think it's petty to think of someone being anyway inferior because of their religious belief. I really wish people would be open minded about other people's cultures... :argh:
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